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Tight and Aching Muscles

If you suffer from muscle tension possibly due to stress or prologed postures or have muscle soreness due to physical activity and sport, Sports Massage is the one for you! 


Sports Massage has many benefits including: 

Stress relief, Improved muscle length and quaility, Helps reduce muscle soreness, Increased blood and lymph circulation, Free up adhesion and scar tissue and can Decreases inflammation. 


Injury and Pain

Struggling with a particular injury that is causing pain, discomfort and potentially preventing you from working, training and competing?

Injury Rehabiliation and physio sets out to diagnose, treat and give you a home exercise plan to address the biomechanical cause and get you back to full fitness sooner rather than later! 

Postural Alignment and Body Composition

These sessions can be altered to meet your needs. Some like to have a physical baseline before beginning fitness programmes, some due to concurrent injuries they feel ‘out of alignment’ and need guidance on postural corrections and others feel it will benefit the competitive side of their sport. 

Personal Training and Group Pilates 

For those of you who prefer a more private way in which to carry out exercise, we have the facilities, equipment and staff that allow us to take Pilates and KETTLERCISE bookings on a one to one or small group basis.

Event Support

Logical Injury Rehab provide first aid, pre and post event treatment for sporting events.


Event planners looking to provide a full range of facilities for their participants are frequently seeking the services of injury and massage therapists.


We aim to provide highest standard of clinical environment for your treatment and safety. Logical Injury Rehab has a wide variety of facilities for your convenience. 


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